Skald's Puzzles

Hello. Welcome to Skald's Puzzles. Here they are. The puzzles. That I made. Click on them.

So one day juff was like, do you want to make a puzzle with me and Saroota and I was like sure. And then we made this. Why are you still reading this? Go click on their links and solve their puzzles.

One For The Ages
For those who need more gimmicks and more extractions.

Criminal's Finger Flickering In The Dark
This puzzle is unreasonably large. But unlike Meeting Friends, this one is unreasonably large on purpose.

Today's As Good A Winter Day As Any
My previous puzzles weren't rotationally symmetric, so I made extra sure this one was. For the optimal experience, you should solve it on a non-winter day, but if it happens to be a winter day, that's fine too.

Where In The Crossworld
Another puzzle I made for a holiday event.

Meeting Friends
My first cryptic! It was written for a holiday event. I was wondering how big to make it and thought... "this seems fine". (Narrator: "It wasn't fine").